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Preserve 2018 – Digital innovation opening the door to Australia’s oldest cultural collection

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MC Rae Johnston presenting at Preserve event.

Not long ago, Sam and Robin from Sandpit were presented the winning cheque for the Preserve Challenge. South Australian company Sandpit put forward a combination of technology and software to enhance the visitor experience and help tell the stories of Australia’s oldest collections. Based on their core application platform, ‘Cipher’, Sandpit have been working in conjunction with the South Australian Museum to establish a prototype.

The prototype illustrates interactive possibilities by focusing on the Yuendumu doors, creating a virtual digital representation, allowing users to interact with stories and other associated digital artifacts. Professor John Carty, Head of Humanities at the Museum has been working to enhance the Warlpiri story, visiting central Australia to gain additional insights and develop further content to connect with the next generation of visitors.

The Museum are continuing on their journey of digitising collections and expanding upon the stories that connect with their audiences. Their focus on high-quality artifacts, brings about further possibilities of virtual interactivity with living cultures.

Sandpit are expanding the functionality of their software platform, developing it into a commercial product. Their focus continues to add functionality, robustness and scalability allowing for different presentation possibilities while increasing the number of artifacts and collections into the software.

The Preserve project aims to have a functional prototype structured by the end of this calendar year and then in a presentable format in time for the US Ignite Smart Cities conference at the beginning of April 2019.

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preserve speakers

(From L to R) Teri Whiting, Professor John Carty, Jasmine Vreugdenburg, Kirstie Parker, Karl Sellmann, Alan Noble.

sandpits'robin moyer sam haren

Sandpit’s Robin Moyer and Sam Haren working on their prototype.

team sandpit being presented their cheque

Team 'Sandpit' being presented their cheque.

preserve event

Guests attending the Preserve event at the South Australian Museum.