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What is it?

Ignite SA’s Digital Town Square (DTS) was established as pilot infrastructure to help get startup applications off the ground.

The DTS provides computing infrastructure (internet, storage and computing power) to software developers to assist in the development and testing of apps while not affecting other developers.

With developers usually needing to purchase network infrastructure, support and the resources to enable them to develop their apps, the DTS hopes to remove this cost barrier so startups can develop their software and get it to market faster.

Developers are encouraged to take advantage of this new initiative that is connected to the high-speed GigCity network, one of the fastest internet connectivity hubs in the world.

Who can access the Digital Town Square?

Applications who work with Ignite SA will have access to the infrastructure until they are sufficient to operate in a commercially proficient manner. Please contact us if you are interested in using it.

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Pilot tenant - Kiratech

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Local startup Kiratech, based at UniSA’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre are the pilot tenant selected to work in partnership with Ignite SA to test and assist in the set up and ongoing feedback to develop the best piece of infrastructure for future applications to use.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Kiratech, Richard Kwan says his company has been working on the project to ensure it is a tool for startup success.

“As the first pilot tenant, our goal isn’t just to leverage this opportunity for ourselves, but to also provide feedback to so the infrastructure can increase other startup success stories,” he says.

“We’ve been able to save money by working with the Digital Town Square utilizing its storage and capabilities rather than paying for it elsewhere. Today, we’re helping appraise more than 20,000 vehicles per month and hosting more than 200,000 used car parts on our servers, provided by Ignite SA.”

kiratech team

Frequently asked questions

What is the Digital Town Square?

The Digital Town Square is a shared high-speed network computing infrastructure connected to the GigCity network in Adelaide, South Australia. The infrastructure is owned by Ignite SA and supported by the University of South Australia.

What is the purpose of the Digital Town Square?

The Ignite SA Digital Town Square provides computing infrastructure to develop high-speed software applications. The aim is for these applications to be used to benefit, not only the South Australian community, but the wider community on a global scale. The purpose is to provide a period of tenancy (usage) of the Digital Town Square to South Australian software developers (tenant/users) to remove the barrier of cost and get applications to market faster.

Who can apply to use the DTS?

South Australian startups, small business owners and entrepreneurs with a new software application solution idea that benefit the community. The business or individual must have an active ABN, be located in South Australia, have purchased Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance and have evidence of such.

What will be provided?

The DTS will provide DTS Application Developers with;

  • Five public IP addresses
  • Infrastructure resources estimated to be;
    • CPU speed : 21.5 Ghz
    • CPU vCore (2:1): 14 vCPU
    • Memory: 96 GB
    • Storage: 1 - 1.5TB
  • Technical support
  • Marketing opportunities;
    • Ignite SA social media platforms
    • Ignite SA website
    • Invitations to relevant Ignite SA events and meetings .
What support will I receive?

Some technical support will be provided by Ignite SA, the Digital Town Square network supplier and the Digital Town Square internet provider. The level of technical support received, and the associated costs will be negotiated with Ignite SA.

How long can I utilise the DTS?

The DTS is designed for startup software application developers and therefore it is expected that it is a short-term solution. The length of time is negotiable between Ignite SA and the developer, the initial agreement will be for offered for a period of 12 months.

How do I apply to use the DTS?

Contact the Ignite SA by emailing info@ignitesa.org or via the engage with us link on the website to introduce yourself. Please provide your contact details and a summary of the software application you wish to develop.

What happens next?

Ignite SA will contact you to discuss your proposal in more detail. If your application is deemed suitable for use of the Digital Town Square, Ignite SA will email you an information package and organise a meeting.

What are my responsibilities?

If you are chosen to connect to the Digital Town Square you will be responsible for adhering to all Ignite SA policies, procedures, guidelines (that will be provided to you) and any agreements put into place.

How do I onboard my application onto the DTS?

How do I onboard my application onto the DTS?

How do I offboard my application from the DTS?

Ignite SA will provide an offboarding procedure and support to selected Digital Town Square developers.

Who are the main contacts for the project?

If chosen to connect to the Digital Town Square, you will be provided a list of key contacts such as the Ignite SA Project Coordinator, network maintenance provider and internet provider.

What are the costs involved?

Ignite SA aims to keep the costs for developers at a minimum. Any costs to the developer will be outlined in the agreement made with Ignite SA.

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