Gigabit Challenge: Preserve


The Preserve Gigabit Challenge is the first of a series of challenges utilizing Adelaide high speed networks to benefit the community. Please watch the video below outlining the journey of Challenge participants.



After months of preparation, the winner of Ignite SA’s Gigabit Challenge: Preserve was announced at tech conference Hybrid World Adelaide on Monday by the Hon David Pisoni MP.

The winning team, Sandpit created ‘Cipher’, a visitor experience platform for museums, galleries and cultural institutions that allows for a range of personalised content to be delivered to each visitor, triggering audio and visual artefacts from the collection. It can also be tailored based on the visitor engagement before, during and after their visit.

Watch this space for updates on Cipher and its integration with the South Australia Museum.

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The Challenge

The South Australian Museum holds one of the world’s largest, most important collections of Aboriginal culture in the world. This comprises of 30,000 individual artefacts of great significance to Aboriginal cultural heritage. While exciting, the sheer number of artefacts means The SA Museum can only display 10% of the collection at any one time. This means that visitors are missing out on discovering the rich, important history of the world’s oldest living culture.

How can you help?

As part of the challenge, you will be asked to pitch a solution, allowing the full collection to be easily accessible by communities across the globe. We are looking for a solution that not only utilises Adelaide’s GigCity infrastructure, but tells a story about Aboriginal culture and connection to country.

Ignite SA will provide the winners with $20,000 in funding which will go towards the development of your proposal.

On Wednesday 2 May 2018, we held a Preserve Reverse Pitch event for developers, entrepreneurs, students, hackers, makers and creative minds based in South Australia. This event was live streamed and can be viewed from the Ignite SA Facebook Page: Gigabit Challenge: Preserve Reverse Pitch.

The aim of this event was to provide further information on the Museum’s collection and how you will be able to bring their collection into the digital age. It also provided the opportunity to form teams and connect with like-minded individuals to develop an application which will need to be completed and submitted by 1 July, 2018 at 11:59pm ACDT.

Successful applicants will receive $20,000 towards the development of their proposed solution, plus a further $5,000 to attend a global conference, potentially pitching your idea on the global stage. 

Ignite SA Reverse Pitch - May 2 2018


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