ignite SA

Ignite SA is an exciting new initiative, which uses South Australia’s gigabit speed networks to
build the foundations for smart communities. Bringing together local government, research,
business, developers and entrepreneurs, Ignite SA will develop next generation gigabit
applications for economic, social and community benefit.

Ignite SA makes South Australia the first international city to join the growing US Ignite Smart Gigabit Communities program, creating new opportunities for innovative businesses to collaborate and share information with 20 other US Ignite communities including Chattanooga, Tennessee and Adelaide’s Sister City, Austin.

Using South Australia’s extremely fast broadband infrastructure and working with Adelaide’s innovation precincts and community partners, Ignite SA will demonstrate the benefits of gigabit speeds by creating smart applications that will enhance the economic, social and community development in South Australia. With a concentrated population and excellent research facilities, Adelaide is ideal for next generation applications to be researched, developed, tested and refined.

The driving force behind Ignite SA is the Department of State Development (DSD) in conjunction with the University of South Australia, in particular the Information Strategy and Technology Services (ISTS) Unit and the Innovation and Collaboration Centre (ICC)


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